Exceptional service

Exceptional service is not what we believe it to be but what our clinicians perceive it to be. Exceptional service can take many forms but it’s two most important features are consistent and clear communication. Exceptional service also means having the flexibility to handle last-minute changes while continuing to provide the same level of service.

What is a perfect assignment? It is an assignment that starts on time and ends successfully. Most importantly it is an assignment that pays what you want, a great fit with your clinical expertise, and offers career growth.

We help our clinicians make smarter choices.

Our clinician experience and expectations are customized based on listening to what you want and need. Our business design begins and ends with our clinicians. Our clinicians want a service that meets their unique requirements and we know how to deliver on those choices quickly.

Of course, choice isn’t always easy to determine when overwhelmed by too much of it (jobs). That is why we allow our clinicians to design their perfect assignment. It’s not about creating more choices but smarter choices with every contract decision.

Faster is better.

We know that our clinicians want things done faster; speed (urgency) means instant gratification and high-velocity response. It can mean receiving an a reply to your email during your on-call night shift or a follow-up call early in the morning before your shift starts. It can also mean giving our clinicians an exclusive job opportunity a week before anyone else knows about it. It also helps that our payroll and credentialing processes operate at record-breaking speeds.

We do the right thing.

We have some non-negotiables that are at the center of our daily interactions with our clinicians. With these in mind we are able to serve you with a purpose, be an expert for you in our industry, and help move your career forward. This also ensures high-quality communication from our recruitment team and a quantum leap in performance.

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